Will Double Gold Pay You Just That?

It's always fun to try and guess the content of a particular game, just from the title. Here, it sounds like there could be a chance to get some impressive prizes, but of course they would be credit wins rather than actual gold in the prize table!

Double Gold is yet another solid game from the Wager Gaming Technology stable, so that at least should assure you of a good time. We have the lowdown on this particular game below, so you know what is in store.

Okay, so what's the deal with reels and paylines?

This game is as simple as it gets, being based on a classic casino slot machine or one-armed bandit. This means you get three reels and only one line to bet on.

Choosing your bet amounts

In common with many other slots from this provider, you get a chance to choose from one cent to $10 on the line. You do also have a chance to wager one, two or even three coins per spin.

Looking out for special symbols

This is a classic game, and you get classic symbols too. These include bar symbols and cherries among others. The 7x symbol also appears.

Most important of all is the Double Gold logo symbol, as this is a wild. One in a winning combo doubles the prize, while two with another symbol quadruples the prize for that symbol.

Will you get to play a bonus round in Double Gold slots?

As you might guess, there is no bonus round in action here.

Download and enjoy a game of Double Gold today!

Any three-reel game is likely to be quite basic in terms of what it can offer. This is true of Double Gold as well, although it doesn't harm the actual gameplay you have to enjoy. Instead, you will see there are chances to win bigger prizes if you opt to play two or three coins per spin instead of only one.

If you play three coins and you hit three Double Gold logos, you will get the 2,500-coin top prize. So you may think it is worth doing just that, even if you keep your coin value down lower as a result.

If you have some time, check out this game today and see how good it is. It plays like a classic slot and has lots built into it to keep up that illusion too.