3X Wild Cherry Slots

Cherries tend to feature in classic slots, as do plenty of other fruits. So, does the title of this game provide a clue to what we can find on the reels?

It provides more than that, because there are several clues in the title here. If you like bright and breezy games, this one should fit the bill for you.

Reels and lines in play

We’ve mentioned the classic theme already, so you might have guessed this title brings with it three reels and only one payline.

Bet amounts you can use

As with many three-reel games, you have the option to play more than one coin on the line here. You could choose either two or three coins if you wanted to play more. You get a good array of coins as well, from one cent up to $10.

3x Wild Cherry special symbols

You will see a 3x logo that reflects the title of the game, and when you do, you can feel better about playing because you will have located the wild icon. The best thing about this is that one wild will deliver the 3x multiplier it is labeled with.

But it gets better than that. If you get two wilds forming a winning combination in addition to a third symbol, the two wilds multiply by each other. In doing so, you get a huge 9x multiplier for that prize.

3x Wild Cherry bonus features

You don’t get the benefit of a bonus, but you might just get lucky and win a progressive jackpot. The jackpot icon is shown as a cherry wearing a pair of sunglasses. You must line up three of these on the payline to trigger your prize.

With that said, not all bets will stand a chance of resulting in the jackpot. The player must lay down a minimum bet of 25 cents on the payline to be in with a chance of getting the progressive pot. So, bear this in mind when calculating your bet amount.

Make sure you download and play 3x Wild Cherry slots today!

We think this game has plenty to offer, especially considering it is a basic three-reel game. With just a single line to bet on, you’ll be watching for the wilds to appear, and hopefully those jackpot symbols as well. Could you be that lucky?