Reel Poker Slots: Two Traditional Games in One Great Title

Video poker players and long-time slot players looking for a something fresh to infuse their gaming may want to check out Reel Poker Slots; with five reels and three paylines, bettors may be surprised to learn that it hits roughly 61 percent of the time because it has 100 winning combinations. The three jackpots and the free spin feature will give video poker players a great slot experience and slot players may enjoy the different pace of play that Reel Poker Slots brings to the casino.

Nothing Confusing to See Here

The graphics are a bit on the simple side, featuring each suit, and the characters on the reels are rendered to look whimsical and are reminiscent of the childhood story Alice in Wonderland. The cartoon-like cast gives this game a great look, and they are truly necessary because they make up all of the characters in this game. There are no wild, scatter or bonus symbols; the game's free spins and jackpot prizes are randomly given out at the end of spins, leaving only the cards themselves on the reels.

Betting on Reel Poker Slots

There is very little variability when wagering on this poker themed slot; this may make it simpler for poker players looking for a little slot action but slot players many find the lack of choice off-putting if the game is not in their normal one-spin betting range. The only coin denomination is $0.50, although players may choose between one and five coins on each spin, creating a spin variance of $0.50 to $2.50. While it may not be a permanent option on a player's rotation of favorite games, it does bring some lighthearted fun to those who wager at much higher amounts. Penny players will feel left out unless they opt to wager one coin per spin.

Free Spins and Three Jackpots

The game does not have a traditional scatter, but free spins are randomly awarded at the end of any spin on the reels. The three jackpots are also awarded in a random fashion and two come with a guarantee that the minor jackpot will be awarded before it reaches $75 and the major jackpot before it hits $750. The closer to those numbers the jackpots become the more likely that one will pay out. The progressive jackpot has no mandatory payout and is only awarded when a player receives a Royal Flush in sequential order after wagering all five coins on that spin. This may seem difficult but anyone who plays this game with any regularity will have a good chance of winning at least one of the jackpots that the game boasts.

Poker and Slots are Perfect Together

Poker and slot players are a bit different in their wagering styles during a gaming session; Reel Poker gives both a chance to catch a breather during a gaming session without having to completely wander from their favorite form of game at the casino. Reel Poker Slots is a hybrid creation of two vastly different games that come together into a single title that may be perfect for those looking for something just a little bit different than what they are used to.