7x Lucky 7s

In an age where newer and newer, glossy 3D Slots are being churned out of online casinos at a breakneck pace, it's sometimes easy to forget the irreplaceable charm of the good old-fashioned 3 reel slot. There's just something about the straight to the point, no-frills design that continues to entice gamers from all over the world. 7x Lucky 7s is just such a Classic slot, with 3 reels and 1 payline. It's a welcome change of pace from animations goin off like fireworks all over the place, which is what present 5 reel slots seem to be all about these days.

An Extraordinary Jackpot

Although 7x Lucky 7s is a Classic 3 reel Slot, it has a Progressive jackpot that can make even the big Interactive slots turn green with envy. The $25,000 top prize is a life-changing amount, and is accompanied by a Gamble option that doubles your winnings. The benefit this has over your average jackpot is that it just keeps getting bigger as more and more online casino players throw their lot in for a chance at the prize. Additionally, the Progressive is of the Random variety, which means the entire pot of modern-day gold can all be yours with one lucky spin.

There are many possible combos that produce wins in 7x Lucky 7s Classic slot. The wild symbols are present, and come in shades of either white, red or blue. It can be a chore to try and remember all of these, so there's a table off to the left of the game that tells you what's what. No need to try and keep the different colored 7s and Cherries all in your mind while playing.

Did we mention that this slot has a mobile gaming option? As good as it looks on your giant monitor, it looks even more high resolution on your phone's surface. As long as you have Android or the Apple operating system, you can enjoy this slot and many others just like it while you're in transit - as long as there's a WiFi connection available. Keep in mind, however, that there's no free play option with 7x Lucky 7s slot; you'll have to download the casino software and make a deposit in order to enjoy it.

There are numerous combo in this game; so go in with your eyes wide open and your game face on. That Progressive Jackpot could very well be yours.