Head for the Coconut Grove in Search of Cash Prizes

Are you one of those players who never really likes three-reel slots? Allow us to try and change your mind with this one. Wager Gaming Technology have come up with an idea for a three-reeler that keeps things supremely simple and focused. We've seen the same layout on some of their other slots too, so let's check it out here to see what you have to do to win.

Okay, so what's the deal with reels and paylines?

We've already given away the fact the game offers three reels for you to spin. You might therefore guess - correctly, as it turns out - that you have but one payline to wager your bet on.

Choosing your bet amounts

When you have only one payline in view, the smallest bet tends to be a bit bigger than you'd see on some other slot games. Instead of the smallest coin being worth a cent, it's worth 10 cents. You can also maximize each coin to a $10 value if you like. Since there is only one line, you also have the power to choose from one to five coins to put in play for each spin.

Looking out for special symbols

This exotic-looking game has lots of pleasant symbols on the reels, including palm trees. However, there is only one symbol that will produce prizes, and that's the half coconut with a straw sticking out of it. If you get one appearing anywhere, you'll win the relevant credit prize for the number of coins you played on that spin.

The major prizes are reserved for getting three coconuts on the payline. When this happens, you can get from 500 all the way to 2,500 coins in return, depending on whether you played one to five coins on the line.

Will you get to play a bonus round in Coconut Grove slots?

No, this game keeps things nice and simple.

Download and enjoy a game of Coconut Grove today!

The game itself is very simple for sure, but we like it because of its simplistic design. You only need to focus on those coconuts to make sure you have a chance to win as many prizes as you can. Just one coin can return a two-coin prize if you find just one of them, and the prizes get better from there! Why not see how much you could win today?