Winning Waves Slots

Winning Waves… we like the sound of this slot game, and we weren't disappointed to see lots of waves included on the screen. In fact, it shows a couple surfers riding on the crest of the wave. Well, one of them is doing fine, the other one has been upended by it! We do like a touch of comedy in our slot games, and this one does provide that.

But how good is this Wager Gaming slot when it comes to promising prizes? Let's check it out.

Reels and win lines

The game only has three reels and just the one line to bet on.

Coin values

Start from one cent on the line, and consider boosting this amount up to $10 if you want to wager more.

Special symbols in Winning Waves

There are lots of bar icons here, but they all appear as surfboards, which fits with the theme. Look out for combinations of one, two, and three boards. You also get blue sevens, and a sun - and it turns out the sun is the best one to find.

The unusual thing here is that while there is only a single payline in the game, the sun can appear across one of five lines, as shown on the paytable. Three on the payline means a prize of 600 coins. However, two other lines of three mean a prize of 2,500 a time, and two more mean you would get the jackpot of 3,500 coins. So, although there is just one line, other line arrangements are responsible for bigger wins with the sun icon.

Are there bonus features to be found?

No, Winning Waves is all about the sun and the regular line wins.

Download, play, and try and win prizes in Winning Waves slots now

Well, there is no wild to help us here, but we do get the chance to enjoy some great wins with the help of some sunshine. However, as you can see, it depends on where the sunshine falls as to how lucky you would be with your bets. Check out Winning Waves today and see how your luck pans out with this. Will you be upright on your board throughout, or will you get dumped into the sea to try again? You may not get soaked while playing, but you will want to be in with a winning chance.