Triple 10x Wild Slots

There is only one way to know for sure, and that's to play the game, right? But before you do that, you should read our review of Triple 10x Wild. As you will see, the title is impressive, but does it give us any clues to what awaits us in the game itself?

How many reels and win lines are used?

This is your basic slot game, offering three reels and just one win line to get to grips with.

What could you bet per line?

There are plenty of coins to choose from here, and that might be a surprise for a basic game. They range from a cent to ten dollars, and up to three of the chosen coin can be used per spin.

Triple 10x Wild top icons

You can win a prize for getting just one cherry on the payline, but that is very basic - and there is far better to come.

You get two wilds in play in the Triple 10x Wild slot. The first is shown as 3x, and the second is shown as 10x. As you might guess, you will get the relevant multiplier applied to any line prize you secure with the aid of one of those multipliers.

The real fun happens when you get one of each of those multipliers as part of a line prize. If that happens, you get a 30x multiplier on whatever prize you would normally have won. Yep, 30x! That's because the two multipliers are multiplied by each other, and that gives you a great opportunity to win far more.

Triple 10x Wild bonus features

There are no additional bonus features in this slot game, other than the perk we have mentioned above. That alone is worth more than many other bonus levels we have seen in other slots, and you never know when those multiplying wilds might show up!

Be sure to download and enjoy playing Triple 10x Wild slots today!

This game is a true sensation. It is built on a basic framework, sure, but beyond that, you get a chance to benefit from huge prizes because of that wild element of the game. When you play Triple 10x Wild - something you can do in demo mode to give you a feel for the game first - you will understand why we like it so much!