Go Trick or Treating for Some Impressive Prizes

Do you go trick or treating on October 31st each year? Whether you do or not, you can have a superb time playing this slot game fresh from the Wager Gaming stable. There are no tricks here, only the potential to win some fabulous treats, with the top prize of 2,400 coins to win.

The graphics are scarily sharp and good, and you have the best opportunities to get better prizes by playing more coins, as you’re about to see.

Reels and paylines: What combination can you look forward to in Trick or Treat slots?

This game could be called a real (or reel!) classic. It has three reels and a single payline, and the machine is designed to make you feel like you’re in a Las Vegas casino.

Which coin values are in use?

Do you love penny slots? If so, you can play this slot just like that. For richer blood, it’s possible to crank the bet all the way up to $10 per coin. You can also play one, two or three coins on the line, depending on the amount you want to try and win in prize money. The pay table above the reels reveals all.

Does Trick or Treat slots have a selection of special symbols in play?

If you’ve played this kind of three-reel game from WGT before, you’ll find it familiar. The playing features are identical to many other games, yet the theme is very different.

Here the witch is wild, and just one on a winning payline brings double the usual prize. A 4x multiplier is granted with two on the winning line. Three witches unlocks the jackpot, which is 800, 16,000 or even 2,400 coins depending on how many coins you played as the bet.

Can you look for a bonus level?

The frightening pumpkin can unlock the bonus if it appears on the third reel and you’ve played the maximum bet in terms of playing three coins. You’ll see nine pumpkins in front of you here, and you have to pick one. If you like the prize, take it. If you want to risk getting something bigger, pick another one. You can do this twice, but be warned, the third and final prize will be your win, regardless of whether it is bigger or smaller!

Download and play Trick or Treat slots today!

Go trick or treating on the reels right now and see whether you can find those winning pumpkins!