Yep It’s Turkey Time – Are You Ready?

You'd be hard-pushed to imagine a slot game featuring turkeys as the main character, and yet here we are with a game just like that from Wager Gaming Technology. It may not be the most complex slot you'll have ever seen, but it's good fun and everything you need to know is provided on a single screen. Let's check it out in more detail.

Reels and paylines: What combination will you get in Turkey Time?

With everything, including the pay table, on one screen, you might guess this has just three reels and only the one payline. You'd be right, too.

Which coin values are in use?

Wager Gaming tends to prefer giving its players a good range of bet amounts to choose from. They've done just that here as well, with one cent as the lowest and the biggest coming in on the ten-dollar mark. The other common feature is the ability to play one to three coins per spin, which determines the value of any prizes you might win. In order to be in with a shot at the 2,400-coin jackpot, you have to play three coins.

Does Turkey Time have a selection of special symbols in play?

The pilgrim's hat is the bonus and only one will grant you a 2x payout if it combines with two other symbols to form a winning combo. Two hats bring a 4x multiplier! Get three and that will trigger the super jackpot.

Can you look for a bonus level?

You sure can, which is rare in many three-reel slots and yet crops up a lot in Wager Gaming efforts, which is good news. Watch out for 10 turkeys on your screen in this round. Pick one and see what prize it's hiding. Do you like it? Stick with it and win. If not, pick another turkey. You get four picks at most, but the final pick has to be your prize. You'll win whatever happens, but try not to reject a good prize for a worse one!

Download and play Turkey Time slots today!

Turkey Time slots is a superb-quality game with the kind of graphics you'd expect from WGT. This is a joy to play, and it's good if you like single-payline games but you love the addition of a bonus to shoot for as well. As such, Turkey Time is anything but a real turkey!