Klondike Fever Slots

There are lots of places you could be talking about if you mention Klondike in the USA, but there is one very famous location in the Yukon that Klondike Fever tends to refer to. Remember the so-called Gold Rush from history lessons? Well, this is the area it was all happening in.

The title is now in use as a game from Wager Gaming, and we looked at it to see what's what. It soon becomes clear the game is far older than many of their titles, so that makes it more basic than you would probably expect it to be.

Reels and win lines

You might be surprised at the format used in Klondike Fever. The first thing you will see is the presence of five reels. But then you spot the numbers either side of the outer reels and you realize you get the same amount of paylines too.

Coin values

Wager Gaming is well-known for preferring a certain coin selection. That same selection is in action here as well, with many coins ranging from a cent to $10.

Special symbols in Klondike Fever

This is where the game begins to take on a different appearance. Why is that, you might ask? Well, most five-reel games have a wild in play at least, and many of them use a scatter as well. But that is not true of this one.

Here, you get just seven symbols in action, and these can appear in numerous combinations over the reels with each spin. You must line up at least three on a paid line to trigger a prize - and you need to do so without the use of a wild, or indeed anything else special.

Are there bonus features to be found?

No - as you might by now have guessed, Klondike Fever is based around a simple slot game idea, and therefore you get no free spins and no bonus levels either.

Download, play, and try and win prizes in Klondike Fever slots now

This game is based around the idea of mining for gold, with cash bags, a horseshoe for good luck, and other relevant symbols as well. This is as basic as you can get for a slot game, although it does offer five reels and therefore bigger five-symbol prizes if you can get them. Is that enough to tempt you to play?