Who Would Love to Win a Million?

You may not win that exact amount playing Win a Million from Vegas Technology, but there are certainly some great prizes up for grabs if the luck is with you. The game itself uses the theme of money, and it does so very well. This is quite a glossy-looking slot, and one that has dollar notes, dollar signs and briefcases full of cash to tempt you.

The question, though, is whether you will be able to unlock some of the better prizes in the game. What should you expect when you play? Let's take a look now.

What should you expect in terms of reels and paylines?

This is quite an unusual game, because while there are five reels in action, there are only five paylines. The good news is this makes it a lot easier to cover everything for a relatively-small bet.

Which coin values are used in Win a Million?

Despite the small number of paylines, you can still play this slot as a penny slot if you like. Just five cents a go will cover all lines! On the other hand, there are other values as well, and you can increase your bet to $5 per line if you like, giving a $25 top bet.

Could you see wilds, scatters and more?

The million symbol is a major one to look for, because you really could win that amount on this slot. If you make the maximum bet on a spin and you get five million symbols on the reels (this is the scatter, by the way), you'll win a million dollars! In other situations, where smaller bets are made, the prize would be 15,000 coins, which is still a great prize.

Watch for the millionaire, too, because he is a wild symbol and has all the normal features a wild would have. You can also win up to 5,000x your bet if you get five on a line.

Could you win extra credits during a bonus round?

You could if you get three suitcases packed with cash on a payline during regular gameplay. This takes you into the bonus round. You will have a selection of briefcases to choose from. There are seven in all, and you get three chances to open three of them. Each one holds a prize, and the three are added together to reveal your total prize for the round.

Make sure you download and play a game of Win a Million online now!

What more do we need to say? Grab your chance to win a million with this entertaining slot right now!