Love Bugs Slots

If you haven't met the Love Bugs before, now is your chance to put that right! This slot has a taste of romance going on - something you will notice almost immediately when the game loads.

The game sticks to classic images and graphics, so you won't be too overwhelmed in that department. But what else can it offer, and does this game bring you lots to look forward to?

How many reels and win lines are used?

You can play on 20 paylines when you give Love Bugs a try, and you'll have five reels to spin.

What could you bet per line?

Your bets are versatile, to say the least. You can get things underway from a cent on each line, and your max bet would be maxed out at $100.

Love Bugs top icons

You shouldn't be too amazed to see some cute Love Bugs in the game itself. There are two of them, and they are used as substitutes.

Meanwhile, a love heart appears as well - of course it does - and this is your scatter symbol. It also features the familiar arrow through the middle of it!

Love Bugs bonus features

You can unlock some free spins if you manage to locate the lady bug on reel one and the love bug on reel five, simultaneously. This leads to another scene, which shows the two love bugs traveling along a canal. Ah, the romance! There are items falling from the bridges they travel under as the feature goes on, and the idea is to capture as many as you can. The best you can hope for is a massive 40 free spins.

There is also a diamond ring to watch for. This is worth getting because it gives you a x2 multiplier for the prizes won in the free spins feature. It's worth noting there are credit prizes to be won as well, so a complete failure to get free spins still means you have a successful bonus experience.

Be sure to download and enjoy playing Love Bugs slots today!

Get ready to meet the Love Bugs and see how many free spins you could snag when you get into that bonus feature! You never know what awaits you there, but the Love Bugs will be ready to help you if they can. Since they're wild, they might be more useful than you think, too.