Will You Meet Doctor Love?

With a title like this one, it doesn't take a lot of head scratching to figure out the theme here! The whole idea is that Doctor Love could show up along with his beautiful nurse, and you might just fall for him, as many a patient has developed a crush on a doctor before.

But of course, the game is cartoonish in style and rather fun. The screen is very pink and purple in color, so if that doesn't distract you, you could be in for a really good experience.

Okay, so what's the deal with reels and paylines?

This game offers you five reels, but you can also consider betting on a maximum of 20 paylines.

Choosing your bet amounts

If you've tried one or two Wager Gaming titles before, you may already have a good guess at the number of coin values available. These can range from one cent up to a maximum of ten dollars.

Looking out for special symbols

Well, of course, Doctor Love is the wild and he appears with white pearly teeth and a chance to scoop a 5,000-coin top prize for five or more. Additionally, his nurse can trigger a prize of 1,500 coins if she lines up five times on one line.

There is a scatter too, and this is a love meter! It does at least make it easy to spot.

Will you get to play a bonus round in Doctor Love slots?

You do get an opportunity to try and play some free spins in this game for getting three or more love meters. The number of spins you get depends on how many love meters you have. It works like this - three meters gets you 10 free spins, and for each additional love meter you get, you will get a further five free spins.

You will also be able to enjoy tripled prizes in this round, and if you can get another three love meters while you are playing those free spins… well, you'll get more free spins!

Download and enjoy a game of Doctor Love today!

This looks like a fun and entertaining game, and it is definitely that. The more you play it, the more you will enjoy its many neat features, not to mention the design. And now we know how much Doctor Love could be worth, you will want to see him as often as possible!