Fruit Loot Wild X Slots

Fruit Loot Wild X Slots is a virtual slot machine game that belongs to the WGS Wild X series entertainment collection of Wager Gaming Technologies, which is a software company that is also known under the abbreviation WGS. Several online casinos use the popular and reliable software products of Wager Gaming Technologies, so you will be able to find this game online easily if you wish to play it.

Try the Game in Demo Mode

Try a demo of this slot machine game to see if it satisfies all your gambling entertainment needs. By playing the demo first before you start to put in ambitious real money wagers, you will be able to see if the prices are worth it, and if the game's design and theme keep you actively engaged while you're spinning its reels.

The Theme and Design of This Game

This casino entertainment option has a healthy looking, colorful theme and design that focuses on the classic fruit machine style of the old, pre-internet days when slot machines only could be found at land based locations. If you have played at those machines in the past, then you will instantly recognize the theme and the design of this game.

Classic fruit machine symbols are depicted on the reels of a machine that looks just like the ones you find in real-life casinos, including the handle, the typical game play buttons, and the paytable that is on display above the reels. All these design and theme element make sure that you are able to have an authentic reel spinning experience.

What Kind of Slot Game Type Is Fruit Loot Wild X Slots

Fruit Loot Wild X Slots is a casino game that belongs to the classic category due to its limited number of paylines, symbols, reels, and design elements. Unlike many other classic slot machines however, this title does have some extra feature surprises in store for you. Win multipliers, free games and a wild icon add a bit of a modern touch to the game.

The Number of Available Paylines on Which You Can Land Combinations

The number of useable paylines for this game is another aspect that separates the slot title from other classic spinners. Where there is usually only one payline available at classic slot machines, this game actually gives you five winlines to play with. This provides you with a lot more options to make lucrative win triggering symbol combinations.

Available Bet Options That Let You Determine the Value of a Wager

You have access to a few basic game play buttons that can determine the value of your bet. The available wager options are $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $10.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, and $5.00. Furthermore, you can also determine if you want to play with 1, 2, or 3 credits in order to increase the value of potential wins. Keep in mind that playing with high value bets and multiple credits is riskier because you can lose your money quicker, but it also grands you bigger wins when you do land a successful symbol combination on a payline.

Check out Your Win Opportunities at the Paytable Overview

If you want to check how much money wins provide when you place bets and trigger symbol combinations, then all you have to do is take a look at the paytable that is on display above the three reels. There aren't that many symbols in this game so a quick glance at the paytable while you're spinning will keep you informed about the kind of rewards that are on offer. When looking at the paytable, keep in mind that displayed rewards for symbol combinations vary depending on the number of credits that are active for your bet.

Trigger a Free Spins Bonus Round

Since this is a classic slot machine game, you will not be able to transport yourself to a second screen bonus round that is often available in modern style slots. However, that doesn't mean that a fun and potentially lucrative bonus experience is not on offer. The bonus feature in this game comes in the form of a free spins round that you can activate with a special symbol.

Discover the Money Winning Power of Free Spins

Obtaining free spins rewards in this game is a straightforward process that does however requires a dose of luck. If you manage to spin the free spins attribute on 3 random reel spots during a spin, then you will see 10 free games coming your way. The number of handed out free spins doesn't have to stop at 10 however, because you can re-trigger the feature indefinitely. What's more, free spins come with triple win multipliers, which make them even more desirable.

Determine If the Game's RTP Ratio Will Satisfy You

According to Red Stag Casino, which is an online gambling platform that has this game from WGS on offer, you can expect an RTP (return-to-player) game ratio that ranges somewhere between 95 percent and 97 percent. If you find that a desirable RTP to play with, then head over to Red Stag Casino or any other WGS powered platform to enjoy the game.

Rate the Slot Game According to Your Player Needs

It really depends on the kind of player when it comes to properly rating this slot machine game. If you are a fan of beautifully animated slot titles that provide multiple second screen features and impressive designs, then you might not give this slot title a lot of love. On the other hand, if you are the kind of player who loves to spin the virtual reels of classic fruit machines but who is also looking for bonus features that trigger extra big wins, then you will likely be eager to give this game a high rating, as it does provide more special feature benefits than a lot of other classic slot titles.

Make the News as a Successful Slot Game Winner

Usually, when you hear about slot game winners, it is when they've gotten their hands on massive progressive jackpots. Since this game is lacking the opportunity to claim a huge progressive jackpot, you will likely not hear much about people who've been rewarded handsomely while playing this game. However, big wins are on offer when you spin the reels of this slot title, and especially if you make maximum bets with the maximum number of credits, so you might be able to spin yourself into a casino news report the next time you trigger a win with Fruit Loot Wild X Slots.

Play for Fun If You Feel No Desire to Win Cash Reward

For some players, winning money is not the main incentive that drives them to play online slot machine games. If you are one of those players, then you can opt to try out a free version of this game, which lets you play with fun credits so that you don't have to worry about losing money. Play for free to get to know the game, and feel no pressure to decide if you want to switch over to its real money version in the future.

Play for Real Money If You Want to Experience Extra Game Thrills

If you're ready to hit the reels with a real money bankroll, then the thrill and entertainment levels will certainly go up since you now have something to lose or to gain, depending on how lucky you are and the decisions you make while playing. Can you hit it big and walk away with a significant cash reward? You will only find out once you start to spin the reels of Fruit Loot Wild X Slots

Find Casinos That Power Your on the Go Reel Spinning Sessions

If you want to enjoy Fruit Loot Wild X Slots on your portable device, then you have to look for a casino that provides services for mobile users. There are a lot of WGS powered casinos that offer mobile friendly versions of their websites, or apps that you can download. Use the mobile services of these casinos to power your next on the go classic reel spinning sessions.