Why Are Fruity Games So Popular?

If you have played even the smallest number of slot games, chances are you have encountered some that bear fruit. We don't just mean fruit in terms of prizes either - we mean literal fruit as in the icons that appear on the reels.

But why are these games appearing all over the place? Why do so many software developers create slot games based around fruity symbols? Let's find out.

They hark back to the classic fruit machines of old

You can still play these games today, and the fact that is possible is a big clue to how popular they are. They still exist in bricks and mortar casinos, as well as taking on a virtual form. Just as many players are inspired by these classic games, so plenty of software developers create internet versions of them to please this market.

They are the ideal introduction to slot games

If you have never played slots before, it makes sense to start with something basic. Fruity games often have three reels and only one payline. even if they extend beyond that, they typically have no more than three or five paylines. They might have a wild symbol, but that's about it. It allows for the easiest start, so you can see how these games work.

They are cheap to play

If you are only playing one line, you only need a single coin to bet per spin. Many of these games can be tried as penny slots, meaning you're wagering a single cent on each of those spins. That's great for people with small budgets, not to mention those who are only just getting started. No one wants to dive in the deep end with huge bets.

There are bigger games that still feature the famous fruits

While you will find many three-reel slots with lots of fruit involved, there are a few five-reel games around too. This means you can try something more challenging that has similar symbols to the ones you have become used to.

You can see there are many reasons why these games are among the most popular ones around today - even though they already have a long history. If you haven't tried them yet, we'd suggest you do so. Many have demo versions that allow you to play just for fun, and they can provide the perfect introduction to some of the most famous slot games around.