Amazing 7's Slots

Will you have an amazing time playing this game, or is the title the best thing about it? The presence of the number seven seems to tell us this game will use classic symbols, of which seven is one of them. Are we right?

Wager Gaming Technology has all the answers, but you can learn more if you read the remainder of our review here. We've got the facts you're looking for before you begin to play.

How many reels and win lines are used?

You get five reels shoehorned into the game screen with this title, and there are 25 lines included to place your bets on.

What could you bet per line?

With a one-cent minimum on each of those lines, you can spin everything for just a quarter a go. The top value of coin in play is five dollars, ensuring you should find a bet you are happy with.

Amazing 7s top icons

Now, if you were expecting a range of important symbols in this game, you were mistaken. We were, too - we thought there would be a wild at the very least, but alas, there is no such symbol. Amazing 7s doesn't include a scatter either. We were surprised and - we should say it - disappointed by that realization.

Amazing 7s bonus features

Since there is no wild here, and no scatter either, you won't be stunned to learn there's no bonus icon either. That means there is no way of accessing any special features in the game… and that is because there is nothing of this nature included. This is a basic five-reel, 25-line game with nothing to offer beyond the basic prizes given for three, four, and five symbols appearing on a line.

Be sure to download and enjoy playing Amazing 7s slots today!

So, is this the game for you? Amazing 7s is about as simple as you can get for a five-reel game. There are lots of prizes to win in terms of regular prizes, but as you can see, there are no special symbols or features to unlock.

The best way to view this is to think of it as a maxed-out three-reel game with more to offer in a basic sense. If you do that, you may just have some fun with it. But if you're a fan of more advanced slots, Amazing 7s won't do it for you.