Beach Party Slots

That's the idea here in this fresh and engaging slot from WGS, and it certainly has a bright summery look about it. With beach balls, star fish, and even a lifeguard on the reels, there is plenty to watch for.

Let's dive in and see what else lies in wait for us when playing the Beach Party online slot game.

Reels and lines in play

This is as basic as slot games can get, but don't let the three reels deter you from playing. There are three paylines in action too, even though it looks like there is just the one.

Bet amounts you can use

You can start from as little as one cent per coin and move up from there. That makes this a bona fide penny slot.

Beach Party special symbols

There are three bar symbols, featuring one, two, and three bar designs respectively. You also get a palm tree next to each word. The smallest prize is given for three bar symbols on a line, and these can be mixed. For example, you could have a single-bar, two-bar, and three-bar symbol on the line and win the prize.

The best prize is reserved for getting three beach balls on a line. The amount you will win for this depends on which line has the beach balls in place. The first line reveals a 1,000-coin prize, while the second one grants a 1,500-coin prize. Finally, the third line will win you the top prize of 2,000 coins.

There is a second prize - although much lower - for getting three lifeguards on a payline, too.

Beach Party bonus features

It probably won't be a huge surprise to realize the game doesn't have anything by way of a bonus feature. It is basic, after all.

Make sure you download and play Beach Party slots today!

The theme has been nicely used here, and it makes a change to see a three-reel game that doesn't resort to fruit. You do get the bar symbols, but they're able to help you win the smallest prize.

If you like more advanced slots, there may not be enough going on here to make you feel inspired to play. But if you want something quick and easy to take for a spin, this one certainly meets that requirement. Check it out now and see whether you agree with our review.