Triple Gold Slots

Three times the fun sounds like, well… fun, doesn’t it? Triple Gold promises a lot with that title, but while golden prizes won’t be on offer, we hope to see some good credit prizes available instead.

We would include this game as a classic one, and for good reason. Without further delay, we’ll find out why this is the case.

How many reels and win lines are used?

You cannot get any smaller or simpler than this slot game. It features three reels and only gives you one payline to go for wins on.

What could you bet per line?

The biggest bet on the line is ten dollars, but you might be surprised to learn you can go a whole lot lower too – reaching the bottom value of a cent for your coin. You’ve got the option to bet two or three coins instead of just the one as well.

Triple Gold top icons

You won’t expect to see a scatter, but if you wanted to see a wild, you’re in luck. Many games of this nature use the game logo as a wild, and this one is no exception to that loose rule.

It’s not just a case of enjoying a wild that helps you towards a win, though. You might also benefit from a good multiplier. For example, if you get a prize with the help of one wild, you can get a x3 multiplier on it. So, what might you get if you had two wilds on a winning line combination? How about a x9 multiplier? It’s true – this is the best perk of all.

Triple Gold bonus features

You don’t get the chance to play a bonus here, but it is worth mentioning the jackpot. As you may have guessed, the jackpot is secured for three wilds on that all-important payline. You could win 5,000 coins for a one-coin bet, but if you wagered two or three coins, you’d win 10,000 or even 15,000 coins respectively.

Be sure to download and enjoy playing Triple Gold slots today!

Triple Gold is a powerful little game, to be sure. We liked it a lot and it seems to draw you in, even though it only has that one payline to entice you with. The generous wild values are what grab the attention, so watch out for those when you play.