Malt Shop Memories Slots

This is a lovely name for a slot - one that brings back memories, but what are those memories of? Wager Gaming has taken us back to the Fifties here, and the work that has gone into the imagery and graphics means this is a very appealing slot to play. But is it a slot that can also deliver nice prizes?

Reels and win lines

As soon as you load the game, you will see there are just three reels here. That means you will not be surprised to see a single payline running through the middle.

Coin values

If you were expecting a cent as the smallest coin value here, you will be disappointed. The smallest coin is ten times that amount. Meanwhile, the top coin bet is $10. You do have the chance to increase your bet further by playing as many as three coins on that line, too.

Special symbols in Malt Shop Memories

Back in the Fifties, malted drinks were a big thing. You won't be surprised to see them here, as they are essentially mentioned in the title. One malted drink appearing in a winning line of three symbols will lead to your prize being doubled in value.

Elsewhere, a Fifties-style car might also appear, and this carries a prize for just one on the payline. The malted drink is your key to the jackpot of 2,000 coins. To get this, you must get three drinks on the payline and be playing the three-coin bet on the line (of any value).

Are there bonus features to be found?

No, Wager Gaming has designed Malt Shop Memories as a classic game with no additional bonus elements involved.

Download, play, and try and win prizes in Malt Shop Memories slots now

With burgers, malted drinks, and a pleasant appearance, you may well feel hungry and thirsty as you play this game. We wouldn't blame you - we felt that way after trying it for a while!

But snacks aside, we recommend you check out this slot because it is an appealing one. Some slots go for garish colors but this one doesn't, and that makes it lovely to sit in front of for a while. Even though some three-reel slots are disappointing, you can't include this one in that group. Wager Gaming has done a great job at developing this into a real delight to play.