Mah Jong Madness Slots

Most people have heard of Mah Jong, and it is a pleasant and involving game to play. Here, though, we are reviewing a slot game, so is this going to be more in line with slots or with Mah Jong as you might already know it?

Wager Gaming decided to create Mah Jong Madness slot, and we have yet to see anything else that uses this theme. It is a good one to try if you fancy something different, but will it deliver prizes if you play?

Reels and win lines

You do get five reels here, populated with those familiar tiles used in Mah Jong, but the win lines granted add up to 21.

Coin values

The great thing about trying games from this developer is that most of them give you a one-cent starting point to bet per line. With that said, it is also easy to bet more, going as far as $10 per line.

Special symbols in Mah Jong Madness

You will be looking to match Mah Jong tiles in this slot game, so it really is a slot version of the real thing. Watch for the green symbol, because this one will trigger the top prize if you match five on a paid line. In doing so, you would scoop 2,500 coins. Obviously, the cash amount for that prize would depend on the coin value placed on the line. But if you work it out for a $10 bet, you can see the top prize would be an incredible $25,000.

Are there bonus features to be found?

Well, we didn't mention anything about a wild or a scatter icon in the above section, and that is because neither of these are present. We should reveal there is no bonus icon either, so you get a standard game here with nothing special about it to look out for.

Download, play, and try and win prizes in Mah Jong Madness slots now

Mah Jong Madness therefore gives us a chance to play a slot version of Mah Jong, just as we said it would. It is disappointing to play for those who love the bonus elements of slot games though. Will that include you?

We think your enjoyment of this title will depend on whether you like Mah Jong a lot or not. If you do, you will love this. If not, well… there are other slots you could try from Wager Gaming that might be better than this.