Head Back in Time and Play Jurassic Slots

This slot game isn't related to the movie, but you'll still have some great fun playing it. Created by Vegas Technology, Jurassic Slots features everything you could want in a dinosaur-related game. With a darkened and foreboding game screen featuring all manner of dinosaurs and other symbols, you'll soon be focused on winning as many prizes as you can. But how lucky will you be?

How many reels and paylines will you see in action in this game?

This slot has 25 paylines arranged over the course of five spinning reels.

What could you bet on each spin?

You will be pleased to know there is a good betting range in play here. The lowest you can go is one cent on each payline, but you can go up to $10 per line if you have richer blood!

Does Jurassic Slots have some special symbols in play?

There is a wild symbol in action, and very appropriately this just so happens to be the T-Rex. Meanwhile, the jungle symbol is a scatter. As is always the case, these can appear anywhere and give you a win for three or more.

Can you try and unlock a bonus round?

You can, and this can be done by finding dinosaur eggs. You will need at least three to get into the bonus round. This is actually a multi-level round which is unusual in the world of slot games.

The first level takes you into a lab where you can select one of nine areas to win a prize. The next level is Jurassic island itself. There are five circled targets and you can choose one to win another prize. Next, you will face a locked barrier. If you can select the correct lock from the three that are given, you will progress through to the final round. This is where you have the choice of buying a key card to get into a container to try and maximize your winnings. Alternatively, you can choose to leave with the helicopter with your total wins so far.

Download and have some fun playing Jurassic Slots today!

As you can see, this game is far from being dull. While it uses dinosaurs and the Jurassic period as its theme, it also offers a very intriguing bonus round that provides you with a chance to win some serious prizes. Play Jurassic Slots and face the dinosaurs today!