Sumo Slots

Sumo wrestling isn't for everyone, but you will certainly love playing this themed slot game with the sumo wrestlers appearing on its reels.

This is a streamlined and familiar game, as it uses a similar layout to some other games from Wager Gaming Technology. There's nothing wrong in that though, especially as it is very enjoyable to play.

Reels and paylines: What combination can you look forward to in Sumo slots?

This game has five reels in play and 25 impressive paylines cutting their way through those reels.

Which coin values are in use?

You can start off playing it as a penny slot if you like, but while there are other coin values the highest one is much lower than other slots tend to have. You can pay as little as $5 per line per spin here, although that still gives you $125 as the biggest bet.

Does Sumo slots have a selection of special symbols in play?

Yes, the sumo wrestler is, as you might guess, the wild symbol. He can unlock the biggest win the slot has to share with you, which can be 5,000 coins in size if you get five sumo wrestlers on a payline you wagered money on.

The scatter symbol pays for two or more trophies scattered anywhere on your reels.

Can you look for a bonus level?

You can, and the trophy symbol can reveal it for you if you get three or more on your reels. Here, you will see nine trophies and you get to select them all in turn. Each one hides a prize, so this is really just a matter of seeing what you have won by revealing what each trophy hides.

Download and play Sumo slots today!

Sumo wrestling is a good theme to choose for a slot game, but in reality this is still quite a straightforward game to play. We think penny slot players will like it, but if you want to make the most of any prize values it would make sense to up that bet slightly.

The top prize is 5,000 coins, which is a lot lower than many other slot games have to offer from this gaming stable. However, if you like an easy and enjoyable time of it, this game should have just enough to keep you going. No free spins here though, which is something of a shame.