Red White and Win Slots

That's a superb question, and we all know there is just one way to figure out the answer. Whenever you play a Wager Gaming slot, you can expect some exciting features - even in their more basic games.

So, will Red White and Win be the winning game for you, or will this slot have very little to offer?

Reels and win lines

We did hint at this being a basic game, and you will see why when you load the game ready to play. It offers you three reels and a single marked line across the middle.

Coin values

It's unusual to encounter a slot game where there is just one coin value. The value here is big, too, at $2.50 a time. That makes this the lowest single-coin bet. As with many three-reel games, you can play up to three coins - and doing this means you get a chance at winning the entire progressive jackpot.

Special symbols in Red White and Win

The American flag is the one to watch here. It will only pay dividends if you complete the payline with three of them, but your prize varies according to the number of coins played.

For example, one coin will secure 5% of the progressive pot available. If you wagered two coins and hit that combination, you would get 10% of the pot. And as you might guess, three coins will give you the entire progressive jackpot, however much that happens to be at that time.

The bar symbols are useful too, because any three mixed bar icons will win you a prize. The eagle and the Statue of Liberty also pay out whenever you get just one on the payline.

Are there bonus features to be found?

No, this game is all about striving to win that progressive jackpot.

Download, play, and try and win prizes in Red White and Win slots now

Red, White and Win is a basic game with a difference. Very few basic slots include a progressive jackpot, so it is nice to see one in use here. Whenever you get the urge to play for a big prize, this one could be the patriotic game to try! Maybe your luck will be in here, but remember, the biggest bet is required to get a shot at that pot when you play.