Mega Money Mine Slots

Mega Money Mine is a great title – one that hits all the right notes, wouldn’t you say? This game was developed by Wager Gaming and it is a classic, but does it offer you plenty to get your teeth into when you are ready for some fun?

Since it mentions mining, you would expect gold or diamonds to appear here. Does that happen, or will you come up empty?

Reels and win lines

The classic nature of the game is revealed in its use of three reels and one clear payline across the middle.

Coin values

There isn’t much to decide on here, because a single-coin bet will be worth $1.50. That is the only coin value available, although you can play two or three coins on the payline instead of just one. That means the top bet is $4.50.

Special symbols in Mega Money Mine

You get the hint of a mine behind the reels, and there are diamonds and gold bars on the reels themselves. The lowest-paying icon is a seven, which can appear just once to trigger a prize.

There is no wild in this game, and since it only has three reels, you won’t find a scatter here either.

Are there bonus features to be found?

So, why would you play this game if it is as basic as it looks? Well, the main reason is the tidy progressive jackpot at the top of the reels. This could be huge, and you stand a chance of winning some or all of it if you get three Mega Money Mine logos on the payline.

The amount you would win in this instance depends on how many coins you play on the payline. One coin would win 15% of the jackpot amount, while two coins win you 30%. That means you would need to play a three-coin bet, worth $4.50 a time, to secure 100% of the current jackpot amount.

Download, play, and try and win prizes in Mega Money Mine slots now

This is not a game for those who have small budgets to work with. However, if you tend to like playing big bets, Mega Money Mine does deliver one of the few progressive jackpot chances available in three-reel slots. Will that make it worth your while to play? Only you can work that out, but do check out the game today.