Marvelous Marlins Slots

Three-reel slots can be formulaic, and they are usually quite hard to introduce any differences to. After all, three reels does not leave a lot of room to do anything different.

However, Wager Gaming Technology can always be relied upon to create new slots and try different things with them. As you might have now guessed, Marvelous Marlins shows us what can happen when they develop a slot with a difference…

Reels and win lines

We've given away the fact this slot has three reels already. We guess you have already thought about there being one payline too, which is correct.

Coin values

Coins are worth from 10 cents to ten dollars here. You get to place up to five of your coins on the payline as well, which helps determine how much you could win if you get any prize-winning combinations.

Special symbols in Marvelous Marlins

Lots of slots feature prizes for various icons. However, the only prize winner here is the marlin. The game isn't cluttered or made complicated by looking for wilds or other special features - the marlin is the target.

Interestingly, while the slot has just one payline, you can see nine icons in all whenever you spin the reels. And you can win prizes even if marlins appear on the upper or lower set of spaces, and not just on the payline. That's unusual, and we like the quirky nature it introduces into this game.

Between one and five coins are awarded for each marlin on the bottom row, while the middle row secures prizes of between three and 15 coins per marlin depending on how many you get. The top line is the best one, delivering between nine and 45 coins per marlin.

Are there bonus features to be found?

No, you will be hunting for marlins and marlins only in this slot game.

Download, play, and try and win prizes in Marvelous Marlins slots now

So, what do you think? With just one payline available to bet on, and yet the chance to win prizes on three lines, this slot is innovative and unusual for sure. Wager Gaming has come up with a fascinating slot here, and since you will be watching for marlins to appear, it does feel like a fishing expedition!

How far will you go to win prizes in the Marvelous Marlins slot today?