Shaaark! Slots

Shaaark! Slots

Now, I wonder what the theme could be for this slot game? We often say the titles of slots hold a few clues, and this clue is as big and obvious as the shark itself would be if you saw it!

Fortunately, the shark involved in this Wager Gaming title is not harmful - at least, not as far as you are concerned. You will appreciate the work that has gone into this slot, even though it's an older entry into their collection. The surface of the water is present at the top of the reels, and there is much else going on as well.

Reels and win lines

You get five reels to contend with here, and these present up to 25 bet lines to play on.

Coin values

Well, this is a Wager Gaming slot, so you might expect to see coins from a cent each to $10 each in play. And you can choose from those to sort out your total bet.

Special symbols in Shaark

The shark must surely come into play somewhere, and indeed it does. It is the wild here, which means it replaces most of the symbols used in Shaark! The one exception is the shark fin, which is used as a scatter. You will be happy to spot more sharks here too, because five on an active line mean you get 4,000 coins.

Are there bonus features to be found?

Yes, you can win 10 free games if you can locate three shark fins (or more) on the reels. You can trigger more free games in the same way you did at first, and every prize you get in these spins will be doubled to boost your takings.

Download, play, and try and win prizes in Shaark slots now

This is a formulaic game, as you might spot if you have played some of the other older titles in the Wager Gaming collection. But there is something about this one that is very appealing, and we think you will have a great time playing it.

It is reassuring to see the shark is a cartoon, although those teeth are very sharp. You wouldn't want to meet it, and we are sure the seal and the bather in his rubber ring are probably thinking the same thing. But you can win prizes for just two or more of those icons on a line too, so there is more to enjoy here than you'd think.