King Tut's Treasure Slots

Plenty of people have searched for treasure in Egypt over the years, particularly where the tombs of the Pharaoh’s are concerned. In this slot game, the prospect of finding King Tut’s treasure looms large.

The king will appear as you play, if you are fortunate enough, but we will explore further to see if there are other treats in store.

How many reels and win lines are used?

If you thought this game would have lots of lines, you’re wrong – it has but three reels and only one line to bet on.

What could you bet per line?

You must wager with a 10-cent coin at least, but there are other options, including the top bet of $10 per coin. We say per coin because you can try up to three on the line.

King Tut’s Treasure top icons

The king himself is included in the game’s title, so you can expect to see him on the reels. Not only that, he appears as a wild, so he is a valuable icon to find. He replaces everything, too, since there isn’t a scatter included in the game. And to top it all off, he also brings with him a 2x multiplier for prizes.

King Tut’s Treasure bonus features

The game doesn’t have a bonus feature, which is a shame, but it is often the case when you only have three reels present to play on.

With that said, you do have a chance to win a jackpot amount. This is triggered by finding three kings on the payline. The jackpot amount varies because it is related to the coins you played when you made your successful bet.

Be sure to download and enjoy playing King Tut’s Treasure slots today!

This game is one of the more basic ones based on an Egyptian theme. However, it still brings you plenty of thrills as you play. With all your concentration based on that one line, you can enjoy some great gameplay every time you spin. What combinations will you get on the line when the icons come to a stop – and will King Tut be among them?

The game works very well and you get a practice mode too, so if you want to just see what it looks like and how it plays, this is the mode to start with. See what you think by trying it out today.