Harbour Master Slots

There are lots of classic slots around, and while you might wonder if we have spelled the title wrong for this one, we haven't. Wager Gaming has presented us with an English feel for this game, and that makes it rather refreshing to see. That's why the Harbour Master slot is different from many other classics, so if you like those kinds of games, read on to find out how this one might be appealing for you.

Reels and win lines

You won't be surprised to hear this game is presented to you with three reels and only one line to bet on. It is a classic, after all.

Coin values

While the game only has one line, the smallest coin here is still just a cent. You do have other options though, namely to bet up to $10 per coin. The number of coins playable on the line with each spin can go as high as five, too.

Special symbols in Harbour Master

You may be surprised to see a wild in play here, but you do get one, and it appears as a clock. Just one is required to win a small prize for you. The amount won - in common with all prizes in the game - varies as per the number of coins you were betting on the payline.

The compass is the highest-paying symbol in the Harbour Master slot game. If three of these should line up on that payline, you will be the winner of the game's jackpot amount. The highest return there would be for a five-coin bet, and that would secure 1,500 coins.

Are there bonus features to be found?

No, but that probably isn't surprising, since we view this game as a classic. Most three-reel slots don't include any bonus features, and this one falls into that category.

Download, play, and try and win prizes in Harbour Master slots now

Harbour Master is a nice, pleasant slot to play, as you will see when you give it a try. The design is appealing in this one, and if you like games to be quite simple, we think you will find lots of reasons to try this out. Maybe you will win some of the bigger prizes too, but this is also a fun game to play as a penny slot - even on the smallest of budgets!