Fruit Slots Slots

If we asked you to picture a classic slot game, what would come to mind? We’re guessing you might think about a game that has three reels and lots of fruit. If that is the case, keep reading, because we have details of a game from Wager Gaming Technology that might suit you.

This is indeed fresh and fruity, so if you are in the mood for something simple to play, this could be the one to try.

Reels and lines in play

We have already given away the number of reels in play – three – and you will probably guess there is just one payline involved too.

Bet amounts you can use

The game uses the traditional coin values seen in many games from this developer. These go from one cent to $10 apiece. You can also choose to play one, two, or three coins on the line. Betting more coins opens the way to winning bigger prizes when you do get a winning combination.

Fruit Slots special symbols

The cherries are worth looking for, as you need only find one of those to win a prize. Any two cherries are also a prize winner. Meanwhile, there is an icon showing two fruits together with some leaves, and two of those will win something as well.

The top prize is reserved for lining up three cherries on the payline. When this happens, you will win 250, 500, or 2,500 coins, depending on whether you decided to play one, two, or three coins on the payline. As you can see, it is certainly worth playing three coins of a lower value each, rather than playing one higher-valued coin per spin.

Fruit Slots bonus features

Nope, nothing to see here. This is a basic fruity slot, after all.

Make sure you download and play Fruit Slots today!

Despite the basic theme here, the game is still fun to play. If you like your slots to follow the traditional route, this one will be for you. The variety of bets allowed is appealing, and the paytable appears next to the reels, so you can always see how much your prize is worth for a winning combination.

It also gives you the feel of a casino slot machine, thanks to the appearance of the controls at the bottom of the reels. So, why not check out Fruit Slots today?