Dive Down and Explore the Coral Reef Slot

If you are searching for a good basic slot with a pleasant color scheme and lots of symbols to try and win prizes with, you could definitely do a lot worse than the Coral Reef slot from Wager Gaming. This is nothing short of a reliable game, and while it is simplistic, this doesn't really detract from the laid-back gameplay you can expect.

Okay, so what's the deal with reels and paylines?

There are three reels here, but while only one payline appears, there is a chance to win with other combinations as well. This is because you can see the lines immediately above and below the payline. We'll explain this more in a moment.

Choosing your bet amounts

Okay, so you can play between one and four coins on the payline here. Coral Reef also lets you select coin values from one cent up to as much as $10.

Looking out for special symbols

There are no special symbols such as scatters or wilds here. However, some symbols are worth more than others. Getting three of the octopus symbols on the payline will trigger the top prize. This could be worth between 500 and 2,000 coins. It all depends how many coins you have wagered on the line when the combination appears.

You can also expect bar and 7 symbols on the reels, along with shells, although the colored shells don't appear to pay out. The Coral Reef logo is also worth looking for because you could get up to 40 coins with just one in a position. What's more, look at the top table to see what you can get for a certain diagonal combination of the same symbol. The 7s and logos can pay out like this, and the prize again will depend on the amount you wagered in terms of coins.

Will you get to play a bonus round in Coral Reef slots?

No - that's the simple answer here!

Download and enjoy a game of Coral Reef today!

You can see this is a basic three-reel game, but you do at least have the ability to get diagonal wins as well as ones on the payline. This makes it a little more interesting than it might otherwise be.

Check out Coral Reef today and see whether you can get the three octopi needed to get the biggest win of all in this game.