Enjoy a Simplified Blue Lagoon Slot Game

If you ever feel like you've seen every basic slot out there today, you'll appreciate a chance to enjoy a different spin on things, so to speak. This is as simple as a slot game is ever going to get, but don't let that dissuade you from having a go with Blue Lagoon.

Okay, so what's the deal with reels and paylines?

As you may have figured out from our introduction, this is a slot game with just a single payline in play over three reels.

Choosing your bet amounts

Most three-reel games allow a maximum of three coins to be played on the payline. However, this one does allow a little more than that, going up to five coins at most. This is reflected in the paytable on the screen.

In terms of the value of each coin, well, you can play this game at one cent a time if you like, but there are options to crank up the value of those coins to ten dollars a time if you prefer.

Looking out for special symbols

You'll see a variety of sea-related symbols on those three reels. Watch out for seahorses and starfish, for example. However, the one symbol you need to worry about is the shell. This is the one and only symbol that pays out, as you will see from the pay table on the right of the screen.

You get two chances to win a prize here. The first task is to try and get one shell appearing anywhere. When this happens, you get the first-tier prize. This is calculated according to how many coins you placed on the payline prior to playing. The main prize is awarded for getting three shells on the payline, indicated by the thin line across the center of the reels. This could award anything from 500 coins to 2,500 coins for a five-coin bet.

Will you get to play a bonus round in Blue Lagoon slots?

No - there's no bonus to be played here.

Download and enjoy a game of Blue Lagoon today!

You know, while this game is indeed basic to some extent, we rather like the way it simplifies things. Watch out for the shells and see how many times you can spin one into place on the screen. And of course, if you can get all three, you'll be sitting pretty on a great prize!