Admiral's Inn Slots

We just realized that title rhymes, but that doesn't tell us much about the game itself. Allow us to reveal that it comes from the Wager Gaming Technology collection of games. It is one of the more basic ones from their collection, but that doesn't mean it isn't pleasant to play.

If you haven't encountered this yet, now is the time to do so. But do read our review of it first.

Reels and lines in play

The layout for this game will certainly be familiar to you - it has three reels and only one line to bet on.

Bet amounts you can use

You might be familiar with the bet amounts in use here, too. They take the form of the usual Vegas Technology array of amounts. These go from one cent to $10. Since this is a single-line slot, you can choose to play up to three coins on the line.

We'd recommend opting for a lower coin value and playing all three coins on the line. this will enable you to get a chance to win bigger prizes, as you will see if you look at the paytable.

Admiral's Inn special symbols

The nautical theme is in evidence in the selection of symbols in play. However, you don't get anything special in terms of what an icon can do. Some games with three reels have a wild in action, but this isn't one of them.

The best we can hope for is to find three anchors lined up on the reels. This will award you 300, 800, or 1,500 coins if you were playing one, two, or three coins of your chosen amount on the reels. You can see why we recommended you play with three coins, can't you? The rewards are much richer if you do.

Admiral's Inn bonus features

This section will be quick to write, because there are none to see here.

Make sure you download and play Admiral's Inn slots today!

Admiral's Inn has a nice title and there is nothing wrong with the game if you like basic elements, and you like plenty of choice in coins and bet amounts. But other than that, there is nothing much else to recommend it.

That said, we would give it a shot if we were new to online gaming, and we think it will appeal to newcomers as well as those who like the basic slots.