Treasure Trail Slots

Some slots have titles that are just too good to resist. Treasure Trail certainly falls into that category! This game looks good, has easy-to-use controls, and provides you with a chance to win a progressive jackpot too. We'd say that was a good mix of features to get started with, wouldn't you??

And since Wager Gaming is behind the creation of this one, that alone makes it worth exploring in further detail.

Reels and win lines

It will take only a moment after loading the game to see one payline shown across three reels.

Coin values

$1.25 is the only coin value in action here. You can choose to play one to three of those coins on the line. If your budget can stand it, there is a good reason to consider playing three coins.

Special symbols in Treasure Trail

The odd circular gray symbol with a red cross in it is wild in this game. One in a prize doubles that prize value, while two brings on a multiplier of x4. If the payline spins three of them into view, you will get a slice of the progressive jackpot. We say slice because the coins you play influence the payout.

For example, 15% of the jackpot would be yours for playing one coin. This is increased to 25% for playing two coins. And as you may now assume, a three-coin bet will secure the entire progressive jackpot - and this can go pretty high.

Are there bonus features to be found?

No, apart from the wild and the progressive jackpot, there is nothing else to see in Treasure Trail.

Download, play, and try and win prizes in Treasure Trail slots now

Treasure Trail will send you on a trail to try and locate gold bars, diamonds, and chests filled with goodies. But if you are keen on finding a really big prize, that odd wild symbol is the one to watch for. It does increase your chances of a win whenever it appears, but three would be the ultimate winning line in this slot game.

While this is far from the most complex slot we have ever seen, Treasure Trail is a winner for anyone who wants to play a nice three-reel game with a progressive jackpot to chase. Watch those numbers climb as you play, and let's hope you are the lucky player to win it!