Gladiator's Gold Slots

Gladiator's Gold Slots

The game itself isn't ancient, of course, but the historic time that inspired it certainly is. It is before our time, anyway, and if you have a thing about ancient Rome and its history, this could be a good game to play.

It is also a good one to try if you are keen on playing slot game with limited numbers of paylines. You'll see why in a moment.

Reels and lines in play

You get five reels to spin here, but this is also the number of paylines in play. That might surprise you, since five-reel slots usually have way more paylines than that. It does make them manageable to bet on, though.

Bet amounts you can use

You can begin playing Gladiator's Gold with just one cent on each of those five paylines. That makes for a five-cent bet to cover them all, which is good. If your budget can stand more than that, you can also wager as much as $10 per line.

Gladiator's Gold special symbols

This is where the game reaches its make-or-break section. That's because we should reveal there are no special symbols involved in the game itself. You cannot look for a wild or a scatter here. Well, you can, but you won't find any. There is no bonus symbol either.

You will see the famous Colosseum, not to mention Caesar, one of the most famous rulers of Rome. You might also see Roman helmets and other features that fit with the theme.

Gladiator's Gold bonus features

Just as there are no special icons in the game, so there are no bonus elements to find either. That's a shame - we would have liked to see some free spins at least. You could look at this as an upgraded version of the typical three-reel slot you might have played elsewhere, as that is essentially what it is.

Make sure you download and play Gladiator's Gold slots today!

So, is this going to be one of your favorite slots? We doubt it, but it can be a good one to try if your budget is small and you want to manage a few spins of a five-reel game. As a simple title, it will probably appeal most to those who are upgrading from a three-reel game, as we mentioned above. If you like that sort of thing, then yes, there is enough here to appeal to you.