Go Back in Time to Witness Cleopatra’s Pyramid

How much do you really know about Cleopatra? If you want to test your knowledge while having a great time, Cleopatra's Pyramid could shape up to be just what you're after.

Vegas Technology has put a lot of work into this slot game, and they've made doubly sure the game screen uses plenty of engaging colors. The detailing is good too though, offering a range of Egyptian-style symbols to look out for. There's lots more to consider as well.

How many reels and paylines can you look forward to?

The game features 20 paylines and the standard five reels.

What coin values can you choose from to play Cleopatra's Pyramid?

One cent per line is as low as you can go, meaning you can cover all the lines for 20 cents. However, if you want to go large, you can maximize your bet at $10 per line.

Does this slot game have any special symbols?

Cleopatra herself is wild, and if you can find five on a payline she'll bring you 10,000 coins. What's more, one or more wilds in a combination will double the usual award for that prize.

The scatter is a scarab beetle. Five of these triggers a 500-coin reward. However, only three or more will unlock 15 free spins for you to enjoy. When you play any free spins in this game, prizes are tripled in value.

Can you play a bonus round in Cleopatra's Pyramid slots?

Yes, the pyramids symbol is the bonus symbol, and you need to get one on the second reel and another one on the fourth reel. When you do, you are transported to another screen that reveals a pyramid. Choose just one brick from the bottom level of the pyramid. You can get one of two things - an asp (a snake) or a prize. You want to get a prize, because the asp means it's game over and you return to the main game again.

As you might expect, every time you get a prize you go higher, and so does the value of the prizes. The higher you go, the more you have a chance of winning!

Download and enjoy playing Cleopatra's Pyramid slots today!

In times when 3D slots are all the rage, it is easy to forget there are some great 2D ones around as well. We think this is one of them, and it is definitely worth a try.