Are You Ready to Find Solomon’s Mines?

Have you heard of the book King Solomon's Mines? Now you can play a slot game that is based on that very book, and you don't need to know anything about it in order to check out the various opportunities that exist to win prizes in this game.

The game screen looks pretty good but unfortunately the familiar range of K, Q, J and A symbols are in play, which does dull things down a bit. Ignore those, though, and you will be surprised by what you can find.

Reels and paylines: What combination can you look forward to in Solomon's Mines slots?

This game features five reels and 25 paylines to look for prizes on with each spin.

Which coin values are in use?

Wager Gaming Technology tends to like using coin values ranging between a cent and ten dollars, and that's the exact range you will see in use here.

Does Solomon's Mines slots have a selection of special symbols in play?

Look out for the explorer. She is called Penelope and she will be the wild for the game. She will only appear on the middle three reels and not the two outer ones. She automatically doubles every prize she appears in, so that is another nice bonus.

There is also a scatter in this game, and it is the journal. You can win a prize by spotting just two of these on the reels, although obviously the prize gets bigger when you find more of them.

Can you look for a bonus level?

Yes, indeed, and you will need to get three journals in order to have a chance to play it. When you find them, you will have a chance to go into the mines to see what you can find there. You will find two vases and you have to pick the one that has a prize in it. One will be empty. Keep on going and see how many real prizes you can pick up!

Download and play Solomon's Mines slots today!

As you can see, the bonus game really elevates this game and gives you a chance to try and build up a nice prize. The main game is good enough, but the bonus is the best shot at winning a good number of coins, depending on how lucky you are at picking those vases each time!