Discover the Fire Hawk Video Game Slots

This online slot game is available in 2D, but it still has plenty to share with eager players looking for an easy and entertaining slot game to play. Will you get lucky and win while playing Fire Hawk?

This is a real classic in every sense of the word. The dramatic backdrop gets you into the mood to play, and you’ll see some native American Indian images alongside the more familiar jack, queen and king symbols, not to mention the ace and the ten.

How many paylines and reels are present in Fire Hawk?

This game comes with five reels and 20 paylines.

What can you wager on this online slot game?

Well, you do have some choices to make here. Your smallest bet amount could be two cents, but you can go ahead to wager $4 on a single line if you wish. That’s a slightly odd amount (most have a top bet of $5 or $10 per line) so it means your total maximum bet would be $80 for all the lines. Conversely, the smallest bet would be 40 cents.

Does Fire Hawk have any special symbols to look out for?

It does. The Chief is the wild symbol, and if he appears on the second and fourth reels you can enjoy 8x your usual win with a successful combination.

Watch out for the fire hawk as well. If you get at least three of these, you will win some free spins. Three of them will trigger 10 free games, while you get 15 freebies with four fire hawks. Five will get you 20 free games.

Each one gives you a different multiplier for those spins too. Three fire hawks brings a 4x multiplier, four brings a 3x multiplier and 5x brings a 2x multiplier.

Can you look forward to finding a bonus round?

Unfortunately, this game doesn’t have a bonus round. You do have the chance of winning some free games of course, so this essentially stands in for a bonus round. Of course, some games have both, so it is slightly disappointing.

Download and play Fire Hawk video game slots online now!

Fire Hawk is one of the more basic online slots games available today. The graphics certainly aren’t the best you’ll see, but the game is solid and the presence of multipliers during the free spins round makes it worth a shot.