Get Ready to Have a Pinata Fiesta!

Piñata Fiesta might give away the theme slightly, thanks to the descriptive title. This slot game has a Mexican theme and is certainly very colorful, which actually makes it easier to figure out how the game works.

Everything is on one screen here, both the pay information and the reels, for a reason you will soon see. Let's check out the bright and breezy Pinata Fiesta now.

How many reels and paylines will you see in Pinata Fiesta?

This is a three-reel game that is designed to look like a slot machine in a casino. You can even see hints of a casino background behind the machine, and a slot machine on either side as well. As you might guess, there is but one payline in action here too.

How much could you lay down as a wager on this game?

This game can be used as a penny slot, which isn't always the case with three-reel games featuring one payline. However, if you want to bet more, your coin value could go as high as $10.

Does Pinata Fiesta have any specific symbols to watch out for?

The sombrero is a good symbol to see because it is the wild. There is no scatter symbol included here for obvious reasons, as there really isn't room in just three symbol positions to include it.

If you do get a sombrero as part of a winning line, you will double your prize. Two of them will quadruple the prize, which is great news.

Will you find a bonus level?

Surprisingly, yes! Look out for the bonus symbol, which is a piñata with the words bonus game printed across it. You have to bet three coins on your payline to have a chance of getting this - playing one or two coins doesn't give you the chance to unlock the bonus round.

You will see a piñata to hit and you have to choose one of three people to bust it open for you. When they do, you have a chance to pick some candy to try and grab a prize. You can choose to pick again as many as two other times if you want to try for a bigger prize, but be careful, you could get a lesser prize instead.

Download and play Pinata Fiesta online now!

We liked this game, especially as it offers more than your average three-reel game. Try it now and see if you agree!