King Tiger Slots

King Tiger Slots looks much, much better than your average 5 reel, 25-paylines slot game. The background of the reels isn’t just some swiftly drawn landscape, the colors of which you can count on the fingers of one hand. The animation is terrific when it comes to both the background and the symbols on the reels and the jungle that fills the screen gorgeous, detailed, with light penetrating the leaves and shaping up a beautiful wild atmosphere, worthy of the royal halls of the biggest predator alive. The slot offers useful wilds, effective scatters, bonus games and a gigantic jackpot. Coin sizes can be as small as 1 cent and as big as 10 dollars. All together this adds up to a maximum total wager of 250 dollars.

The Highlights of the Tiger Realm

The wild symbol is the epic killing machine itself, the master of the food chain. The Tiger wild can grace the player with his presence on the second, the third and the fourth reel only. It can be in possession of the stacked effect from time to time and it obviously has the ability to replace the rest of the symbols in the game. The scatter symbol of the game is the Flower. The payouts of the scatter start from a winning combination of 2 symbols to one that contains 5 matching symbols. The earnings solely made through the scatter are multiplied by the total wager. Three Flowers will activate King Tiger Slots’ free games round. 10 free games will be awarded to the player and every earning that is won during the free spins will be multiplied by three. If the gambler receives three more Flowers, the free games will be restarted. The game’s jackpot is 15, 000 coins and can be acquired by landing the five Elephant symbol combination during the free spins; it is 5000 coins in normal spins but after the free spins multiplied is added, you get the full amount.

Treasury of the King

As far as the paytable is concerned, the Elephant is obviously the highest-paying member of the tiger’s kingdom and his 5-symbol combination pays the jackpot, the 4-symbol one however pays drastically less-200 coins, the 3-symbol one-100 and the 2-symbol one-3. The scatter’s multiplier payouts are 100 times, 10 times, 5 times and 2 times for 5, 4, 3 and 2-symbol combinations. The bull is the second best-paying symbol that has a definite payout and delivers 1000, 100, 30 and 2 coins for its 4 combinations. The rest of the symbols all have 3 combinations each. The Stork symbol and Deer-like symbol pay 500, 75 and 20 coins. The rest of the symbols are the regular card symbols from A to 9. The A and the K deliver 200, 50 and 15 coins. The Q and the J pay 150, 20 and 10 coins. The 10 and the 9 give 100, 15 and 5 coins.

You are more than welcome to enjoy the countless riches and thrills of the tiger’s gambling kingdom and as any powerful ruler, he will be occasionally cruel and unjust, when it comes down to some symbols’ payouts drastically dropping their payout value in some of their lower symbol combinations but in the end, the experience of King Tiger slots will prove to be greatly enjoyable and profitable.