Jolly Harbour Slots

A jolly harbor sounds like a great place to be, doesn’t it? This one is spelled in the English way, as it is a close relation to their Jolly Harbour slot game. Maybe you’ve encountered that one already.

Whether you have or not, we’ve got the details you need here on the Jolly version of that game. Will this one leave you feeling jolly or not? It depends on the type of game you like to play…

Reels and lines in play

There are five reels in action in Jolly Harbour, but it comes as a surprise to realize you get five paylines too. They could have put lots more in, but they’ve settled with just five.

Bet amounts you can use

The bet range is quite big, going from one cent at the bottom end to $10 at the other end. It means every player should find the ideal bet amount to put on every spin of the game.

Jolly Harbour special symbols

This is where we would normally tell you about the wild, the scatter, and maybe a bonus icon too. But not in this case. None of those appear in this slot game, and that makes it quite basic. In fact, for a five-reel slot, it is very basic indeed. Now maybe that would appeal to you, but if you like extras included with your slots, this won’t be an appealing one for you.

Jolly Harbour bonus features

Since there are no special symbols, you might already have guessed there are no bonuses to grab either. You cannot win free spins, so you merely get the basic game to play here.

The main perk is the chance to win up to 10,000 coins. To do that, you must get five English Harbour logos on a paid line. That’s odd, as the name of the game is Jolly Harbour, but we won’t quibble!

Make sure you download and play Jolly Harbour slots today!

Wager Gaming has created some great slot games but we hesitate to include this among them. It is designed for slot players who love lots of reels, but like to keep things basic. This game certainly ticks off those requirements. It plays well and looks reasonably good, but with so many other more complex and enjoyable games out there, it’s hard to play it for too long.