Atomic Jackpot Slots

We don’t know about you, but an Atomic Jackpot sounds quite exciting to us! Whenever we see the word ‘jackpot’ featuring in the title of a slot, we automatically sit up and take notice.

But will this slot deliver on that idea and excitement? Vegas Technology is in control of this one, and that means we could be in for a good time.

Reels and lines in play

This slot game is made with three reels and one lone payline.

Bet amounts you can use

You can’t play this as a penny slot, because the lowest coin is ten cents. However, you can go higher to reach the maximum level of $10 a time. You can also decide whether you want to play more than one coin on the line, with a maximum of five possible.

Atomic Jackpot special symbols

This game doesn’t look like other games, because not all the symbols are given any value. This applies to a professor, and to an atomic logo. However, you can spot a flask filled with tiny balls, and this is the one to watch for if you want to win a prize.

If you manage to get three flasks on the line in one spin, you will win the jackpot. The amount for this will vary according to how many coins you wagered on the line for that spin. The lowest is for one coin at 500 coins, and the biggest is awarded to a five-coin bet, delivering 2,500 coins as your prize.

Atomic Jackpot bonus features

You won’t get a scatter or bonus icon in this basic slot, and unfortunately there is no wild either. You are limited to those symbols we’ve already mentioned, and just one will be a winner.

Make sure you download and play Atomic Jackpot slots today!

Atomic Jackpot does feature a jackpot, as we have seen. But since the game only ever grants prizes for those flasks in various numbers on the payline, it is perhaps simpler than you might have been expecting.

You may decide this is still a good game, purely because it has been pared down to its basics. But if you like more complex games, Atomic Jackpot could leave you wanting. The only way to decide is to give it a shot to see if you could get that jackpot after all.