Lucky Lagoon Slots

The darkened purplish background of the Lucky Lagoon slot is perhaps not quite what you would have expected here. It is apparent this slot game is from the earlier days of slot game development, and it is just part of the huge collection developed over the years by Wager Gaming.

As an early game, Lucky Lagoon does not have the modern features we have come to expect in slot games today. If you are ready to see whether it might be able to offer you something, now is the time to read our review. Are there prizes waiting within this lagoon?

Reels and win lines

The game presents us with five reels, and there are three icons on each, so the layout is familiar enough. You do also get five paylines, which is a lot less than we would expect for this number of reels.

Coin values

Despite the lack of paylines here, they haven’t skimped on the coins that are available to use for betting. For example, it can be a penny slot if you want it to be, whereas there is also an opportunity to go for the top fifty-dollar bet, with ten dollars per payline.

Special symbols in Lucky Lagoon

There are a few games in the Wager Gaming collection that do not use either a wild or a scatter. This is one of them. Instead, you get just a few symbols, most of which are associated with the Lucky Lagoon theme. The Island Gold logo is the one you should be looking for, because five taking up all the positions on a line you’ve wagered money on will return 10,000 coins to you for your trouble.

Are there bonus features to be found?

This game is all about standard line prizes, and with no wild or scatter, there are no triggers to unleash any free spins or bonuses.

Download, play, and try and win prizes in Lucky Lagoon slots now

The Lucky Lagoon may not be packed with features as more modern slot games are, but it could be a good game to try briefly if you want to upgrade from a basic three-reel slot. As such, it does have its audience, but you may or may not be in that group.

If not, there are lots of other Wager Gaming titles you could try other than this one.