Wheel of Chance 3 reel Slots

Are you about to turn away because we mentioned the use of three reels? Hang around for just a moment longer, because we think this game might be more entertaining than you’d imagine.

That’s because it comes from WGS Technology, and they have some great three-reel games to try out, including this one. Find out more in our review.

How many reels and win lines are used?

We know there are three reels, so you may guess we only have a single line to bet on.

What could you bet per line?

WGS Technology has a habit of using coins worth anything from a cent all the way to ten dollars. While they only give you a single line here, they still use those same coin values. There is an opportunity to choose the coins you’re going to play with, too, from one to three per spin.

Wheel of Chance 3-Reel top icons

There is a wild used in the game, and it sparkles in use as a diamond. You can make good use of a single wild to double a prize if it helps you win something, but getting two involved in a prize-winning line is better still. That means you have a x4 multiplier added to the prize.

Wheel of Chance 3-Reel bonus features

Well, we have told you this game is called Wheel of Chance, but there hasn’t been a wheel involved just yet. That is all about to change, because the Wheel of Chance might just appear in a position on the payline. This takes you to another screen that shows you the Wheel of Chance and reveals a range of prizes that could be won. All you need to do is to spin it to see what you win!

There is another feature involved with this wheel, though, and that is the option to forego whatever prize you see, in favor of spinning again. This means you could get a bigger prize, but if you hit that same segment again, you lose whatever you won to begin with… so you could leave with nothing. Will you risk it for something better?

Be sure to download and enjoy playing Wheel of Chance 3-Reel slots today!

When you realize there is a Wheel of Chance to try out in this game, you realize the game is well worth a try, so check it out now.