What’s Your Sign, and Will It Bring You Good Fortune?

Do you believe in star signs? Whether you read your horoscope or not, this is just the theme that is included in What's Your Sign, a fun slot game on that very topic.

With eye-catching symbols and a chance to test your knowledge of star signs, this slot could foretell some very good fortune for you.

Reels and paylines: What combination can you look forward to in What's Your Sign slots?

It's kinda weird to come across a slot game with 12 paylines, but this one does. Mind you, given the theme, it could really have nothing else, could it? These lines are arranged over five reels.

Which coin values are in use?

You can start on as little as a cent for each line, with the option to increase that if your budget allows. It's usually better to play a smaller amount and cover all the lines, which you can do for a mere 12 cents a time. The top bet is $10 on each line.

Does What's Your Sign have a selection of special symbols in play?

Watch for the sun and moon formed into a single symbol, as this is your wild. If you want the jackpot, you'll need every spot on a single payline to be occupied by this symbol. Get that in place and 10,000 coins will be all yours.

Surprisingly, there is no scatter in this game, which is a shame. That also means there are no free spins to look for, as these are usually triggered by more scatters.

Can you look for a bonus level?

Despite the lack of free spins, the game does offer a bonus round. This is a fairly quick one and one that is pretty easy to understand as well. It presents you with a wheel that has every sign of the Zodiac displayed around it. You spin the wheel and the sign that the arrow stops on is the one that triggers your prize. Each sign has an amount assigned to it.

One quirky feature is that you can actually turn down your prize and spin again for another shot at getting a bigger one. This may leave you with something smaller of course, but you have three spins to try if you want to use them all.

Download and play What's Your Sign today!

This is an exciting game whether you have any belief in horoscopes or not. Why not see if the luck is in your stars today?