Let the Good Fortune Shine on You With Some Tarot Treasure

The Tarot may have the ability to look deep into your future… but could it unlock a great win for you if you are fortunate enough to spin the right combination?

Here you can find out, as you explore the many perks of Tarot Treasure, a game straight from Wager Gaming Technology. Look for the tarot reader and her gypsy wagon, as these symbols could foretell a great win.

Reels and paylines: What combination can you look forward to in Tarot Treasure slots?

With 25 paylines in play, you can scoop more than one prize with a spin if the Gods are shining upon you. There are five reels to watch as they spin, too.

Which coin values are in use?

If you want to cover every single payline, a minimum bet of a cent on each one will bring a quarter-dollar bet in total. Alternatively, look for a top bet per line of $10 if you feel lucky.

Does Tarot Treasure slots have a selection of special symbols in play?

The gypsy fortune teller is the substitute in this game, so she may foretell a win for you if she can be added to two other matching symbols to form a winning combination. She will appear on the middle three reels but nowhere else.

The scatter is a wheel - a bit of an odd symbol but there nonetheless! Just two of these can scoop some good fortune, with a 2x multiplier on your bet amount. However, add a third or more to the number and not only will you get a win, you will trigger free games to be played as well.

Can you look for a bonus level?

Yes, and this is where you will face the gypsy as she presents you with six Tarot cards. You are told to pick three of these, and you can then determine your prize accordingly. Who knows whether the best cards will be chosen in this round? We know for certain that the cards you do pick will grant you a prize of some kind.

Download and play Tarot Treasure slots today!

Tarot Treasure packs a powerful gaming experience into the mix for you. While free spins are great, it is always good to see a bonus game offered. Will your Tarot cards point to a better future with a stunning prize yet to be revealed?