Tailgate Blitz Slots

Do we even know what a tailgate blitz is? We expected a slot based around trucks or other vehicles, but that's not what we found in the Tailgate Blitz game. The title does make some sense though, as the game begins with a view of a tailgate with some beer inside. Ready for a game, perhaps?

This high volatility slot game could be for you if you like the theme. You'll find out more about that and the many other parts of this game in the review that follows here.

Created by a reliable name

WGS has gone through several name changes over time, but they are the ones behind this slot game.

Experiment with the controls in the demo version

It's nice to see how a game works without committing any real cash to it. You can do just that in this one. It gives you a demo coin balance to use while experimenting.

Exploring the theme

Tailgate Blitz doesn't explain much, but the game revolves around guys meeting each other to watch the big game. There's beer, barbeques, and the tailgate of a truck involved among other things.

A cool design in action here

The design gives more detail than you'd think. With the background showing a huge stadium with lights and crowds, the game takes a back seat and gives attention to the two fans on the reels instead.

How to play the Tailgate Blitz online slot

Five reels are no surprise, as you likely expected them, and we did too. Progressive prizes aren't part of the deal here though.

We have a couple of special symbols to note during play. You can guess what these are. The paytable shows the wild as the logo with the tailgate and beer behind it. It replaces everything but the scatter. They've shown the scatter as a dollar sign on a grassy background.

How many paylines are there?

The game has 20 of them but none are fixed, so you can play fewer if you'd like to. Trouble is, that runs the risk of missing prizes that land on un-played lines.

Bets start from a cent per line

You can use the up and down controls to adjust your wager. The max level is five dollars per line.

Don't question where the paytable is…

Just look for the question mark. It's to the far left of the control panel below the reels.

Is there a bonus involved?

Yes, and the scatter triggers it for you. This is a scratch feature, so it's simple enough to work out. You can scratch off panels to reveal cash prizes. You'll receive two, four, or seven prizes depending on whether you unlocked the feature with three, four, or five scatters. It explains why the scatter looks like a dollar sign, right?

No free spins in Tailgate Blitz

The only type of bonus you've got is the scratch bonus.

The RTP is unknown

No information on this appears anywhere in the paytable or the rules for the game.

Is Tailgate Blitz a favorite of ours?

We wouldn't go that far, but it is a cool game to play. Aimed at sports fans, it has some neat touches. We liked the scratch bonus too. It calls for 7/10 for sure.

Look out for that wild icon

It holds the key to scooping 5,000x your line bet… but only if you can fill every position on the same line with a wild. The scatter triggers much lower prize values, worth up to 100x your wager.

Next up is the sports fan without the hat, who can trigger prizes worth a maximum of 2,500x your bet. The other fan only gives prizes worth 1,000x at most, although that's still a good amount to get.

Take Tailgate Blitz for a practice spin today

There are some excellent graphics in this game. It may appeal more to sports fans, but if you fancy a quick spin of the reels without paying for it - just for the experience - it's good to know you can do that.

Play for real at 20 cents a pop

This is the lowest bet to play every line. It still opens the way for some winning potential if you like the demo game and want to try the real version instead.

Try it on mobile too

This may suit you better if you're not near a computer. Android and iOS devices work well with this one. Test the demo first as you'll change to touchscreen controls while playing the game. They don't take long to get used to though, especially if you've used them in other mobile slot games.