Triple Rainbow 7's Slots

WGS Technology has created quite a few online slot games that have got the word ‘triple’ somewhere in the title… usually at the beginning. Sometimes, it appears twice!

Here, we have that word in action again, along with the promise of lucky sevens and a rainbow, too. So, is there a pot of gold to find here, or is there something else in store instead?

How many reels and win lines are used?

This game works on a classic format, with three reels spinning to give you a single line to win on.

What could you bet per line?

WGS Technology usually opts for its standard coin choices, and those are the ones you will see here, too. They go from a one-cent coin up to $10 at most. Since the game only offers a single line, there is a chance to increase your bet to place two coins on it rather than only one.

Triple Rainbow 7s top icons

You’ll get just the one special symbol to look for, and as you might guess, this is a wild symbol. The Triple Rainbow 7s logo is given to you to look for, and it can win you a prize when one appears, even when a winning line isn’t achieved.

There are two multipliers associated with the symbol too, though. A line prize with one wild in it will reveal a x3 multiplier to boost your prize. However, if you can get two wilds in a line prize, you will benefit from a much bigger multiplier. Can you guess how much bigger? If you guessed x9, you were correct!

Triple Rainbow 7s bonus features

The basic format the game uses means there is no room for anything else to be squeezed into play. However, the generous multipliers used in the game more than make up for the lack of anything else. It’s a bright game, and you will be watching for as many wilds as possible to appear.

Be sure to download and enjoy playing Triple Rainbow 7s slots today!

If you are interested in Triple Rainbow 7s, you should also watch for other triple titles in the WGS Technology armory. If you do, you may find those are just as good to play as this one… and of course, you never know what you could win if luck is on your side.