Royal Carribean Slots

If you are, we have a surprise for you. Instead of presenting you with a cruising slot, the game is all about royalty. Moreover, it presents you with a look at royalty many years ago. This much is obvious when you open the game screen. Is that a royal queen in the bottom left corner? There is a hint of other older images here too, so let's see whether any of them could win you any prizes.

Reels and win lines

Royal Caribbean is a basic game that provides just three reels and a clear red payline across them.

Coin values

Even though this game is about as basic as you can get, it does still provide lots of coin options. These range from a cent up to $10 each, and you can also choose to play from one to three of those coins on the line.

Special symbols in Royal Caribbean

There is a court jester involved here, and just one on the payline will secure the lowest prize the game can offer. It doesn't need to appear on the left reel either - he can show up anywhere.

There are horses and other characters on the reels of the Royal Caribbean game too. However, the court jester is the best one to find. If you can complete the payline by finding him three times on it, you will secure the jackpot for this game. This would be 400, 1,000, or 1,600 coins for a one-, two-, or three-coin wager. That is lower than we have seen in other three-reel games, so you might want to bear that in mind.

Are there bonus features to be found?

No, as you may already have guessed, Royal Caribbean is an exceptionally basic slot game. It doesn't even include a wild for you to look for.

Download, play, and try and win prizes in Royal Caribbean slots now

This game is clearly only going to be of interest to those who like playing basic slots. Since this can be played as a penny slot, that alone might be enough to intrigue you. After all, literally one cent a time is good enough to play this.

However, if you do give Royal Caribbean a try, we would recommend going for a three-coin bet on each spin to boost your potential for better wins when they do come your way.