Luxury Liners Slots

How many slot games can you think of that are based around water? This could mean on the beach, under the sea, or even via a pirate theme. Here, we've got another one that fits into that broad category, but you will spot some differences here too. Namely, it is the only slot we can think of to highlight cruise liners.

Wager Gaming has developed a nice little game here, and we have explored its possibilities, so you can see what Luxury Liners can offer you.

Reels and win lines

Well, we did say 'basic', and we did mean it. This game comes with three reels ready to spin and a single line across those reels.

Coin values

This isn't strictly a penny slot, because the lowest coin to play is 10 cents. You can head north to reach a $10 maximum though. Meanwhile, there is also a chance to play up to three coins on the line, to determine the size of the prizes you could win.

Special symbols in Luxury Liners

There are two symbols here worth watching for as you play, but neither is used as a wild. There are no special symbols in that respect. The first one to draw your attention to is the cherries symbol. Yes, it's not related to cruise liners, but it can pay prizes for just one on the line.

Meanwhile, the cruise liner will deliver the jackpot if you get three on the line. The biggest prize for this is reserved for players making a three-coin bet. In this case, it would be 2,500 coins. That's not as high as we've seen in other similar games, but it is still good.

Are there bonus features to be found?

No, Luxury Liners is a basic game and therefore does not have any bonuses involved.

Download, play, and try and win prizes in Luxury Liners slots now

Our one disappointment with this is the presence of some symbols on the reels that don't lead to prizes. This means you could literally have three matching symbols on the payline… and win nothing for it. So, keep an eye on the payline and make sure you check out the possibilities in the paytable too. This should give you an easier time, as you play the Luxury Liners slot game in search of those liners. Will you end up winning with their assistance?