Liberty 7's Slots

Only you can decide whether to give this slot game a try once you’ve read our review, but since you could try it in demo mode, you may want to take a closer look before making your decision.

Let’s give you some background first, though. The game was developed by WGS Technology, and although it is more basic than some of their other titles, it shouldn’t be overlooked.

How many reels and win lines are used?

We gave you a clue above as to what to expect here, and it has three reels on the screen when loaded. And yes, that means there is but one line in play.

What could you bet per line?

Often in one-line games, you are restricted to playing a minimum bet of at least ten cents. That’s not true of this one, though. WGS Technology has included their typical range of coins that goes from a cent to the maximum value of $10 a time. You could also choose to go with one, two, or three coins worth your chosen value on each spin.

Liberty 7s top icons

If you’re familiar with three-reel games, you won’t be looking for a scatter icon. However, you might expect a wild, so it may be surprising to realize the game doesn’t use one.

The title of the game does provide a clue to the theme, though, which is focused on American freedom and liberty. Look out for red, white, and blue 7s appearing in the game, and a range of prizes given depending on the combination of colors you achieve on that single payline.

Liberty 7s bonus features

With no special icons in action here, it’s not a shock to realize there isn’t a bonus in play. However, we should mention the jackpot that is on offer. The amount you would win depends on the coins played and their value. However, a one-coin jackpot would be worth 2,400 coins, and a two-coin jackpot would deliver double that amount. The best is saved for a three-coin jackpot, payable to the lucky winner for 10,000 coins! You must get three 7s in red, white, and blue, appearing in that precise manner, to win.

Be sure to download and enjoy playing Liberty 7s slots today!

Liberty 7s is a classic in many ways. As such, it never pretends to be anything else and we love it!